Get your whole genome sequenced

Whole Genome Sequencing Pre-order

$200 AUD

You receive:

  • Data on all 3 billion base pairs of your DNA
  • BAM/VCF files
  • Research use raw data to make your own discoveries on your genome

This is a pre-order for whole genome sequencing anticipated to be delivered by end of 2017. Currently whole genome sequencing costs individuals thousands of dollars, we are currently talking to researchers to make it more accessible at $200 AUD. Sequencing will be delivered if we meet sign up number and funding requirements. You receive your genomic raw data as well as anonymously support vital research in life and health extension.  


Anticipated delivery date: End of 2017

Terms: In the event sign up numbers are not met, we will inform you via email or phone and fully refund your payment to the credit card you made payment with.

Research: Research areas and partner research groups will be confirmed in the coming months (please note we are not affiliated with any research or researchers at the University of Sydney)

Updates: We will keep you informed of developments on a quarterly basis via the email you sign up with. Please ensure your details are correct.




Genomix Whole Genome Sequencing allows you to decode every single base of DNA that makes you your entire genetic profile. This includes all 3 billion base pairs of DNA that encode for approximately 21, 000 genes in 23 pairs of chromosomes. By getting your entire genome sequenced, you will be able to get a comprehensive picture of your genetic profile. This test is a life time investment for your long term health. Discover more about yourself from your genomic data than is possible with other genetic tests and as new research becomes available every year.



This comprehensive test will discover all four types of mutations that may occur in your in your DNA base pairs, no other genetic test can discover all these:

  • Single nucleotide variants: 
  • Small duplications, insertions, deletions, indels
  • Exon duplications, deletions or gene copy number changes
  • Structural variants



We provide raw data only. You will be able to use third party services for analysis and interpretation of your raw data and for genetic counselling if you choose. All up this is less than the thousands of dollars you would pay for non-subsidised whole genome sequencing. Once you receive your raw data, we provide a directory of third party services (self service and full service) available for you to make direct enquiries with. We do not recommend or endorse any third party services as we do not control the quality of third party services.

You may want to make direct enquiries with the following for analysis interpretation:





  • Step 1: Sign up and make payment online
    Step 2: If sign up numbers are met, we let you know via email that sequencing will proceed and we ship DNA sample kits and instructions to you (we will confirm your address closer to shipping date)
    Step 3: You provide a DNA sample and send back to us via prepaid return shipping
    Step 4: Your DNA sample is sequenced and you receive your genomic raw data in BAM/VCF file format via secure login through our website within 6-8 weeks of your sample being sequenced
    Step 5: We provide a directory of third party services for analysis and interpretation of raw data that you can make direct enquiries with. We do not recommend or endorse any third party services



This test is research use whole genome sequencing and is intended for research and informational purposes only. It is not intended for clinical diagnostics. Should you require whole genome sequencing for medical and clinical purposes please see your local familial cancer or disease clinic.



Your data will be stored in secure HIPAA compliant servers with restricted access. We will act in accordance to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and HIPAA 1996.



Number of genes tested


Types of genes tested

All 21,000 in 23 pairs of chromosomes


High quality data with minimum 30x coverage

Sequencing platform

Illumina HiSeq X Ten

Testing method

Next Generation Sequencing

Data Storage

Data will be stored in a HIPAA 1996 and Australian Privacy Act 1988 compliant and secure servers


  • Data on all 3 billion base pairs of your DNA
  • BAM/VCF files
  • Raw data to use with third party services to make your own discoveries on your predisposition to certain diseases and conditions, ability to metabolise certain foods and medications, and preventative actions you can take now to live longer and healthier