Genomix is a social enterprise with a mission to democratise genomics


Mission and aim

Our mission is to democratise genomics so that it is available to almost anyone who wants it, and that researchers have access to more genomic data which could lead to life changing discoveries.

Genomix aims to achieve two things: 

  • To increase access to whole genome sequencing by lowering the cost for individuals
  • Provide more resources to researchers to progress life and health extension research

Whole genome sequencing has largely been inaccessible for individuals due to cost, which is currently thousands of dollars.

At the same time researchers would like to access more genomic data to advance health research. Ageing is the biggest risk factor for development of diseases that are the greatest cause of death in the world including cancer, heart disease and diabetes, yet not enough resources are provided for life and health extension research. Addressing the issue of ageing through the use of genomic data could eliminate or reduce the number of deaths arising from potentially preventable diseases.

The more people working on solving issues of this magnitude, the faster we can make eradication of potentially preventable diseases a reality.



Genomix is an Australian social enterprise. We are legally structured as a for-profit. However we put social benefit above all else. We are structured this way simply because we want to keep the door open to opportunities that are only available to organisations of this nature. We:

  • Are led by a social mission to help progress life and health extension research
  • Trade to fulfill our mission of democratising genomics
  • Derive a substantial portion of our income from trade
  • Reinvest the majority of our surplus funds into fulfilling our mission



The current cost of whole genome sequencing is thousands of dollars. While there has been press coverage of the $1000 genome, this is not accounting for all laboratory processes required to deliver whole genome sequencing to you.

To lower the cost of whole genome sequencing for the individual from thousands to only a few hundred, we will partner with researchers directly or indirectly in life and health extension research who will subsidise the rest of the cost of whole genome sequencing for the individual. Individuals get access to their own genomic raw data and researchers get access to anonymised genomic data contributed by individuals.

Any surplus funds we acquire are reinvested back into this organisation so that we can continue making genomics accessible to everyone.



Genomix will work with a number of reputable whole genome sequencing laboratories to provide research use whole genome sequencing with minimum 30x coverage. We utilise existing quality labs and infrastructure to keep the cost of sequencing low for the individual.